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IIIM, Jammu lays considerable emphasis on meeting the targets as per the milestones identified in the project proposal. In most of the cases projects are completed as per decided dates. However, in some cases due to mid term correction and unforeseen results, the project may get extended with mutual consent. Because of high level commitment, there is high degree of customer satisfaction among our clients. It may be mentioned here that most of the multinational companies who associate/ collaborate with IIIM, Jammu express desire to sign for many more projects. Companies such as Procter & Gamble, US; Colgate Palmolive, US; Tropical Botanics, Malaysia; Nicholas Piramal, Mumbai, Prathista Industries, Secunderabad and many others are some of the examples, who have collaborated with IIIM for more than 2-3 projects. Following are some of the companies with which IIIM, Jammu had research collaborations in the past.

Indian Companies
Nicholas Piramal
Medlay Pharma Seed Phytoceuticals
Lupin Pharma Uniloid Biosciences Pvt. Ltd.
Zandu Pharma High Biotech
Ochoa Pharma Dootpapeshwar
Pratistha Industries IMPCL
Bharat Biotech Sami Labs
Soubhagya Biotech Genova Biotech
Innoveda Shanta Biotech
Shankhu Baba International Several CROs

Foreign companies Hospitals (Collaborators)
Indigene (USA) Medanta Medicity, Gurgaon NCR
Colgate Palmolive (USA) Ramachandra Hospital, Chennai
Proctor & Gamble (USA)  
Proctor & Gamble (Japan) Public Concerns
Tropical Botanics (Malaysia) J&K State Agriculture, Floriculture, Forestry Depts
Sigma (USA) Centre for Aromatic Plants, Uttrakhand
Chromadex (USA) Department of Forestry, Dasuya, Punjab
Novakos (USA) J&K State S&T Council
National Cancer Institute (USA)