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Technology Development

Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine is one of the few institutes of the country where we have strong R&D interface in the areas of botanical sciences, natural product chemistry, pharmacology with a strong instrumentation support under the same roof. In addition, there is a multipurpose pilot plant for process development for the extraction of plant based materials, isolation of bioactive products and fermentation technology. Hence most of the technologies developed and passed on to industry belong to these areas. Some of the industrial partners of this institute are multinational companies of repute such as Colgate Palmolive, USA; Procter & Gamble, USA; Sigma, USA; Chromodex, USA; Tropical Botanics, Malaysia; Nicholas Piramal, Mumbai; Ranbaxy Laboratories, Gurgaon; Lupin Limited, Pune; Bharat Biotech, Hyderabad; Prathista Industries, Secunderabad; Genova Biotechniques, Hyderabad and many others. IIIM, Jammu has also bagged the CSIR Technology Award for the transfer of technology to Prathista Industries, Secunderabad on the production of metal gluconates. Some of the important technology transfers and fruitful collaborations have been listed below:

1997 Indian Institute of Spice Research, Calicut
1998 Prathista Industries Ltd, Secunderabad
1999 Dhawan International, New Delhi
2000 Biotech International, New Delhi
1. Khyber Bioculture, J&K
2. Nicholas Piramal, Mumbai
1. J&K Ex-Service League, Jammu
2. Nicholas Piramal, Mumbai
1. Genova Biotechniques, Hyderabad
2. Ochoa laboratories, New Delhi
3. Medley Pharma Ltd, Mumbai
1. Indigene (US)
2. Flex Foods, Dehradun
3. Glen mark Pharmaceuticals, Mumbai
1. Procter & Gambles(US)
2. Tropical Botanics(MALAYSIA)
3. Zandu Pharmaceuticals
1. Procter & Gamble
2. Colgate Palmolive (US)
3. SIMAP, India
1. Nicholas Piramal
2. Avasthagen
3. Krishidhan Seeds
1. Kashmir Appiaries,
2. Sri Biotech
3. Colgate Palmolive
4. Procter & Gamble
5. Holista Biotech
6. Lupin Ltd.
1. Colgate Palmolive
2. P&G
3. Holista Biotech
4. Glow Biotech
5. Ranbaxy Laboratories

The institute believes in high level of customer satisfaction, therefore, all efforts are made to monitor the projects as per pre-drawn milestones and project commitments.
  Tinospora project for Nicholas Piramal
technology Tinospora project
Gluconate Project for Prathista Industries
One of the products of Prathista Industries
Hepatopropective Project of Medley Pharmaceuticals
Gluconate Project Hepatopropective Project
Calcitariol project for Genova Biotechniques  
Calcitariol project