Dr. Sarojini Johri

Microbial Biotechnology Division .
CSIR - Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine,Canal Road, Jammu – 180001
Email: sjohri@iiim.ac.in , sarojini.johri@gmail.com

Positions Held  
Position Held Date Organization
Pr. Technical Officer   CSIR-IIIM
  • Life Member, Indian Science  Congress Association (ISCA)

  • Life Member, Biotech Research Society of Indian  (BRSI)

  • Life Member, Society of Biological chemists of India (SBC)

  • Life Member, Punjab alumini Chandigarh

  • Member, Association of Microbiologists of India (AMI)


Our main focus is on exploration and exploitation of India`s rich microbial diversity (both cultivable and uncultivable) for novel bioactive molecules and biocatalysts with application in health, agriculture and industry, and their overproduction using conventional and molecular biology tools. The group is also working on the expression of cryptic biosynthetic pathways of microorganisms.

Mission and goals

  • Development of microbial repository from extreme environments and endophytes of endemic plants

  • To study the plant- microbe interactions for disease management, adaption and optimum production of key metabolites in selected medicinal plants

  • Bioprospecting and characterization of novel endophytes and extremophiles for bioactives and biocatalysts

  • Development of metagenomic libraries from unexplored ecosystems for new/novel bioactives/biocatalysts

  • Production of microbial enzyme and high value microbial products from wild type and  genetically modified strains

  • Metabolic pathway engineering for production of novel/ desired metabolites

  • Hyperexpression and protein engineering of biocatalysts for their application in biotransformation of important drug auxillaries/intermediates.


  • Repository of psychrotrophic, mesophilic and thermo-tolerant microorganism including bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi and endophytes.

  • Metagenomic libraries of environmental samples from unique niches.

  • High altitude medicinal plant gene bank .

  • Indigenous in vitro propagation methods for many high value medicinal plants.

  • Indigenous methods for rapid molecular detection of several microbial pathogens.

  • Indigenous novel expression system for heterologous protein production in fungi.

  • Hyperexpression and protein engineering .

  • Strain development for production of bioactive molecules and novel enzymes using traditional and molecular tools (genomics and proteomics).

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Team Members

Sarojini Johri
Syed Riyaz-Ul-Hassan
Rajinder Kumar
Jasbir Singh


Well equipped Microbiology laboratories at IIIM, Jammu and branch laboratory Srinagar to carryout cutting edge research on isolation and characterization of microorganisms and their bioactive metabolites
State-of-the-art facility to undertake nucleic acid amplification, biomarker development, gene cloning, heterologous gene expression, protein purification, DNA sequencing and differential expression studies
Experimental farms at various locations in Jammu and Srinagar with a large collection of medicinal and aromatic plants suitable for studying plant-microbe interactions, endophytic, ectophytic and other symbiotic associations
Well equipped plant tissue culture Lab at Srinagar to carryout in vitro propagation studies for high value medicinal plants