Dr. P. R. Sharma            

Cancer Pharmacology Division
CSIR - Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine,Canal Road, Jammu – 180001
Email: prsharma@iiim.ac.in, prsharma2k1@rediffmail.com

Positions Held  
Position Held Date Organization
Principal Technical Officer   CSIR-IIIM
Honours & Awards  
  • Got 2nd prize in oral presentation of the following paper at Delhi University:Sharma, P. R., Shanmugavel, M., Saxena, A. K. and Qazi, G. N.  Induction of Apoptosis by  a Synergistic Lignan Composition from Cedrus deodara in Human Cancer Cells.  Nat. Con. on Electron Microscopy & XXIX Ann. Meet. EMSI,( 2007), Univ. of Delhi, New Delhi, Nov. 26-28,.

  • The article given below published  in Chemico-Biological Interactions is one of the journal's top ten most downloaded articles of 2009.  Sharma, P. R.,  Mondhe, D. M.,  Shanmugavel, M.,  Pal, H. C.,  Shahi, A. K., Saxena, A. K., and Qazi, G. N. Anticancer activity of an essential oil from Cymbopogon flexuosus. Chem. Biol. Interact,(2009), (179): 160-168.

  • Life member, Electron Microscopic Society of India (EMSI)

Research Area

  • Mechanistic studies of natural and semi-synthetic anticancer   leads    using    electron  microscopic  and    confocal     microscopic techniques.

  • Electron  and confocal microscopic studies of both biological and material samples. 

  • Operation of scanning cum transmission electron microscope  (JEOL-JEM100CXII) and operation of  laser scanning confocal microscope (Olympus, Fluoview, FV1000).

  • Insect pest and vector control.

Area of Interest:

  • Ultrastructural  studies of human cancer cells and murine tumour  cells and tissues to ascertain  the effect on ultrastructure of cells  and to study the mechanism of  cell death such as apoptosis, autophagy etc.  for anticancer drug  discovery. Ultrastructural studies of other biological samples for drug discovery.

  • Live cell imaging, fluorescence, immunofluorescence and confocal microscopic studies of human cancer cells for anticancer drug discovery. Laser scanning  confocal microscopic studies of other biological samples for drug discovery.

  • Mosquito control using  biolarvicides.

Scientific Contribution         

  • More than twenty five years experience in electron microscopic studies of biological samples and on evaluation of insecticidal activities of biopesticides on all major groups of insect pests/vectors.

  • Sample processing & ultrastructural studies of biological/material samples such as pollen grains, plant viruses, nanoparticles, liposomes, insect hemocytes, human cancer cells and murine tumour tissues have been done.

  • The protocols have been optimized for of live cell imaging, fluorescence, immunofluorescence and confocal microscopic studies of human cancer cells for  anticancer drug discovery.

  • In the mechanistic studies of anticancer lead molecules/fractions using human cancer cell lines/murine tumor tissues the protocols for mechanism of cell death i. e., apoptosis, necrosis and autophagy using scanning and transmission electron microscope have been optimized. Morphological, surface and internal ultra structural studies of human cancer cells and murine tumour tissues have been done in case of anticancer leads.

  • Optimized  the protocols for screening of anticancer leads using  transgenic Drosophila  and screened  a large number of the anticancer leads on this Model.

  • In the area of insect pest/vector control, the insecticidal activity of botanicals was determined on economically important insect pests. The colonies of  filariasis vector, Culex quinquefasciatus,  dengue fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti andAsian tiger mosquito, A. albopictus have been established and protocols for evaluation of bioefficacy of microbial mosquito larvicides have been optimized. A large number of samples have been screened on mosquito larvae with the objective of development of cheap medium for production of mosquito larvicides. Simulated  and open field trials were done for mosquito larval control using microbial larvicides.

  • All these above studies have lead to the publications and patents.

  • Supervising the research work of Ph. D students.  Supervised more than thirty students from different universities for their project work forming a part of their degree programmes like M.Sc. /B.Tech  in Biosciences/  Biochemistry /Biotechnology.

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