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Formulation & Drug Delivery Division

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The research activities in the Formulation & Drug Delivery Division comprise formulation development for the institutional leads. The novel delivery systems based formulation strategies are also explored in order to improve bioavailability and therapeutic efficacy of the chemotherapeutic agent(s). The division also supports formulation related preclinical studies for the drug development programme of the institute.

Mission and goals
Preclinical formulation development to support drug development programme of the institute.
Novel drug delivery systems based innovative formulation development
Conducts and supports research, training, and other programs with respect to formulation development.

Preclinical formulation development
Novel delivery system based formulation development
In-vitro characterization of formulation
Preformulation studies


Sr. NO Name Expertise E-mail
1. Dr. P. N. Gupta Formulation & drug delivery pngupta[at]iiim[dot]res[dot]in

Area of research
Formulation & drug delivery
Facilities for formulation development at laboratory scale
Ultrasonic homogenizer
Particle size analysis
Optical microscope

Current research
Formulation development for the institutional leads
Formulation development for the bioavailability enhancement
Polymeric delivery systems for improved efficacy of anticancer agent(s).
Pre-formulation studies.


Project Title
Preclinical developments of botanical leads and NCEs for IND phase (MLP6008)
Preclinical studies of new bioactive leads and development of new combination drugs for cancer/tuberculosis (MLP6006)
Development & evaluation of novel strategies based on polymeric carrier and drug combination for cancer chemotherapy (DST sponsored project).
Nurturing a new Pan-CSIR drug pipe line: high intensity preclinical, clinical studies on lead candidates (BSC-0205).