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Chemical Engineering and Design Division of IIIM, Jammu is engaged in process development and scale-up of laboratory processes on pilot plant. Generally extraction processes are carried out on various herbal/medicinal plants. These extraction processes are scaled-up from 100/500 g laboratory-scale to 15-20 kg pilot plant scale processes. Thereafter their various process parameters are optimized, in order to maximize the yield of these extractions.

To Scale-up and optimize laboratory scale processes, in order to develop cGMP compliant and commercially viable technologies transferable to user industry.
Develop standardized & quality traditional medicines which are affordable to community.
Develop new rational formulation of traditional drugs.
Generate sufficient data for effective regularization and control of herbal / traditional medicines moving into international markets.
Generate authentic and accurate, clinically acceptable data, which can potentially lead to new IPR’s.
To obtain “New process data”
Improve Yields and Conversions
Evaluation of Products & By-products
Preliminary cost estimation
In order to Maximize yield, Optimisation of following process parameters is carried out: Plant Mat./ Solvent Ratio; Temperature of Extraction Number of Extractions; Time of each extraction.

Process Development and scale up of chemical processes from laboratory to pilot scale. For this purpose, a multipurpose batch extraction pilot plant, developed, designed and fabricated in IIIM Jammu is presently being used. A new computer controlled cGMP extraction plant has been installed and commissioned in chemical engineering (IIIM Jammu) for this purpose.
Plant Capacity: To process around 15-20 kg of material per batch.
Up scaling carried out from 100 g to 15/20 kg scale
Purpose to reduce STEPS, reduce SOLVENTS and increase SAFETY of lab.
Processes during their scale up on pilot scale.


Sr. No. Name Expertise E-mail
1. Er. Anil Kumar Katare
Chemical process development, scale-up and optimization. Designing of multipurpose herbal drugs extraction plants, Steam distillation units, dryers and other process equipment like distillation columns, evaporators, heat exchangers and pressure vessels.
2. Mrs. Suman Koul
Experience in chemical process development, scale-up and optimization. Operation of herbal drugs extraction plants and other pilot plants
3. Sat Pal
Operation and maintenance of extraction and other chemical Engg. pilot plants

Area of research
Scaled up and optimized process on pilot plant for the extraction of Tinospora cordifolia. The technology was transferred to M/S Nicholas Piramal, Mumbai.
Scaled up and optimized process on pilot plant for the extraction of Calcitriol from Cestrum diurnum. The technology was transferred to M/S Genova Biotech Ltd. Hyderabad.
Scaled up and optimized process on pilot plant for the extraction of Acteoside from Colebrookia opp. The technology was transferred to M/S Ochoa Pharma, New Delhi.
Scaled up and optimized process on pilot plant for the extraction of Hyperforin and Hypericin from Hypericum perforatum. The technology was transferred to M/S Nicholas Piramal, Mumbai.
Executed the turnkey project of cGMP compliant Herbal drugs extraction pilot plant for M/S Tropical Botanics , Malaysia


One old solvent extraction plant along with solvent recovery system, concentration unit and drying unit

Second complete cGMP Herbal Drugs Extraction unit was designed, fabricated, installed and commissioned in March 2009 at IIIM, Jammu. The major equipments of the plant are as follows:-
Plant material air dryer.
Plant material Grinder and screening system.
R.O. plant for process water.
Extraction system with condensers breathers and automatic material handling system.
Batch solvent storage tanks
Solvent recovery unit with condenser, breather and storage tanks.
Wiped film evaporator with accessories.
Vacuum pan drier.
Vacuum tray drier
Spray drier
Dry Extract sealing unit.

The plant has been installed on proper steel structure and following utilities were also installed with appropriate header lines for inlet and outlet of water, chilled water, air, vacuum and steam etc.
Boiler – Cap- 600kg/h (Thermax make)
Cooling tower
Chilling plant
Air compressor
Vacuum pumps
The entire plant is controlled by PLC/computer with by pass lines for manual operation.

Current research
Process development for extraction of Stevioside/Rebaudioside rich extract from Stevia (Industry Linkage- Sahara India)
Extraction step optimized on pilot scale.
Color absorption/adsorption and final concentration and drying in development stage.
Aim to obtain white crystalline powder extract
SIMAP Project for Steam distillation & Fractionation of Mint oil at KanyaKumari

National facility project “ cGMP pilot plant for Extraction, Formulation and Packaging of Traditional (ISM) herbal Medicinal formulation” financed by IIIM Jammu, DST New Delhi, and Ayush.