Experimental Field Stations (Farms) of IIIM

Experimental Farms of IIIM || Extension Activities of IIIM outside J&K
Experimental Farms of IIIM

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IIIM Jammu has about 50 acres of experimental farm at Chatha (nearer to SKUAST, Jammu) which is situated about 11 kms from CSIR-IIIM, Jammu headquarter towards South after Jammu airport. The farm was established in the year 1956 by Col. Sir. R. N.  Chopra. The farm is divided into 3 sub parts:

Genetic Resources / Bio resources centre in the form of Medicinal garden

Under this programme, collection,identification and maintainance of different medicinal and aromatic plants in the area of more than 3 acres are carried out. More than 150 species are maintained which includes medicinal, aromatic, floriculture and other economical plants.

Experimentation Block

In this experimental block, trials are conducting on the improvement and developing  agrotechnological practices, packaging, processing, value addition and marketability and conducting of Training programme.

Commercial cultivation and supply of quality planting material

In this programme, a large scale demonstration trial of newly developed , released varieties, their mass scale propagation and supply of quality planting material to the growers and processing including value addition are carried out. Till now a large quantity of planting material across the country right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, NGOs, Govt. agencies are supplied.

Experimental Field Stations

Field Station Jammu (Chatha)

  • Location :  Chatha
  • Distance from Jammu: 11 Kms
  • Total area : 50 acres    
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IIIM - Srinagar

Kashmir valley being unique in its vast flora of high altitude medicinal and aromatic plants including microbial diversity, current R&D work is focused on prospecting these abundant natural resources. Experimental Field stations contribute to regional services, surveys, plant genetic resources (conservation) data acquisition, evaluation, and production of quality planting material with emphasis on agro and processing technology of high value plants. Several of these are processed for production of essential oils. Local farmers are also engaged in these activities by providing them quality planting material and technical know-how

Experimental Field Stations.

Field Station Yarikhah (Tangmarg)

  • Location :  Tangmarg
  • Distance from Srinagar: 50 Kms
  • Altitude : 8400 ft
  • Total area : 10 hectares 
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Field station Bonera (Pulwama)

  • Location : Pulwama
  • Distance from Srinagar: 40 Kms
  • Altitude : 5400 ft
  • Total area : 60 hectares
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Field station Verinag (Anantnag)

  • Location : Anantnag
  • Distance from Srinagar: 80 Kms
  • Altitude : 7400 ft
  • Total area : 2.5 hectares
Extension Activities of IIIM outside J&K
Kheda (Gujarat)
Mandvi (Gujarat)
Jodhpur/Jalore (Rajasthan)


  • To develop end to end technology in case of selected high value Essential oil crops.

  • In situ and ex-situ cultivation based on organic farming

  • Post harvest technology, Quality planting material, chemical standardization and  value addition.

  • Increased public - private partnership, Interactive meets between R&D institutions,    Private growers and user industries.

  • To Develop market linkages at National and International level on plant to plant basis.

  • Cultivation of exotic plant species to be promoted in Jammu and Kashmir.